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About DLK

My name is Renee and I'm the mom behind the magic at Dear Livvy Kate.. and this is my beautiful family that supports and motivates me every day. 
I've been a life-long crafter. As far back as I can remember, I have been cutting, gluing, stitching, knitting, and designing. My parents always encouraged me to do something with all of that creativity, and somewhere along the way, I found bow-making... where I have been able to use a little bit of all of it. 
My personal style before having kids always involved polka-dots, glitter, and bows. My favorite fashion designers, cartoon characters, and even real-life royalty inspired my everyday dress-up routine... and then kids happened. I think every mom goes through it - the loss of time, energy and budget causes all of those things, plus the crafting, to fade. Enter, girlmomstatus in 2018 - I fell in love with styling all over again, but this time for my little girl. After two and a half years of super heroes and toy cars, I found bows and glitter all over again. While my heart still loves all of those things I enjoy with my son, being blessed with Livvy Kate is what brought fire and life to this tiny mom-grown company.