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Hardware Info - Your first stop

Take a few minutes to review this information before placing an order - this will help you get the perfect setup for your little! 

Unless an item is ready to ship, hardware is added AFTER you order. We're proud to offer a wide variety of hardware options to compliment hair types, colors, lengths, and needs. Here’s a quick rundown on what we see the most:

  • Flat Clips with teeth: Are the most popular option. These are small, flat alligator clips with a single prong on the bottom. They’re great for holding on to fine, thin hair or hair that bows slip out of easily. 
  • Double-pronged clips: Flat Clips with two prongs instead of teeth. These are better for girls whose hair gets “caught” or “tangled” in clips with teeth. These are what we use for horizontal bow tie clips so clothing isn't damaged.
  • Vertical bow tie clips (not pictured) are snap-on clips that allow bow ties to be clipped on at the neckline. 
  • The direction of these clips will only matter if the design has a print or embellishment that has a definite “up” or “upside down”. They're perfect for side-sweeping bangs.
  • Nylon bands: Super soft, super stretchy. These are best for littles that don’t have much hair yet. Need a piece of felt to avoid skin irritation? Leave us a note at checkout and we'll add it for free!
  • Interchangeable headbands: We don't sell these in the shop. We don't make them, and when you can buy a WHOLE SET for $8, it's worth it for you to just one-and-done by not worrying about a resale markup. You can add to the longevity of your wear by snagging a whole set on amazon by clicking here and ordering your bows on clips. That will allow you to use the SAME bows after she grows out of headbands! 
  • Large Alligator clips: These are large and have a curved back. These are better for larger specialty bows. 
  • Barrettes: Great for piggies, middle-bow wearers, and furry friends. Pick your size based on the amount of hair you need to clip  
  • Ponytails & Polybands: For girls who like to wear their hair tied back. Keep the weight of the bow and desired amount of hair in mind. Polybands are better for smaller amounts of course hair.
  • Elastic: To help you make a setup strategy for orthotics, helmets, four-legged friends, and dollies. 
  • Hook and loop strips: Similar to the Elastic, this is available for custom setups so everyone can enjoy our bows! The most common use is for orthotics in small squares.  


Helmet with bow
Have a special request that we don't cover? Shoot me an email in the contact section and let's collaborate! 
We're not unfamiliar with special hardware circumstances. Livvy Kate actually had a special setup on her Plagio orthotic for a few months so she could enjoy her bows without interruption. If you need a little piece of elastic and some guidance, drop me a note and I’ll include it for free!
Bow loop setup on helmet