Stocking, Filling, and Local Pickup

Stocking Info:

We try to stock fresh items every 1-2 weeks. If you want custom hardware, snatch it up early because we have to do prep for markets every two weeks, and hardware has to be applied for local events about 48 hours in advance. We apply a random selection of the most popular choices (clips with teeth and limited headbands). We have to prep serious volume for these events (usually around 200), so the website is usually closed the day before markets to make sure our inventory is accurate. 



We currently have a 1-2 week turnaround on getting your bows shipped. Anything with an added on accessory takes the longest because those really need time to cure before they get jumbled around in the mail. 


Local Events & Pickup:

If you’re ordering for local pickup at an announced event, you can place orders all the way up until one week before. We offer pickup at local events free of charge, so you can order ahead to make sure your bows are perfect.. and we’ll always show up with some extra surprises along with our online stock! For more info and dates visit this page.