Current Turnaround time is 4-6 Weeks. New Releases happen first in our Facebook VIP Group.

Style and Pricing Guide

We use a very basic pricing model that is Handmade Industry-Standard. Due to the level of support and growth that we have experienced, we have been able to invest in more efficient equipment and larger quantity orders. This has allowed us to reduce costs on non-specialty items to provide a better pricing structure for basic items, with add-on's to reflect actual cost of materials or additional design work associated with special items.


Add-on's include items like:

  • Character buttons, priced at my purchase cost for the hardware - around $.50-$2.00
  • Modifications to shaping of the bows to add a special design (I make these myself!!) - $1
  • Specialty fabrics - up to $1.
  • Custom orders outside of craft fair season are available at a $2 add-on fee to help offset costs associated with special ordering.